i'm millie i'm fifteen years old
♥ i love the ocean more than you do ♥

☯☯ everyone is beautiful ☯☯

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Don’t worry, the text will not show up on your blog! 

**This is a group for summer/beach/ocean/surf/tropical blogs!**

What is ‘The S-andcrabs’?:

It’s a new tumblr group that is password protected. It will be a really small group of  10 blogs to start off. Eventually we will add more. 

What will happen in ‘The S-andcrabs’?:

We’ll do tons of promos, help eachother reach our goals, self-promo in each others asks, help with voting, ect. This won’t be just a promo group, it will be a group where all the members can talk, and become really close friends. We will become a tumblr family(:

Rules of ‘The S-andcrabs:

·   Must be nice to all members or you will be asked to leave the group.

·   Must follow every other member in the group.

·   You cannot give out the password or URL if you are chosen

·   Amount of followers DOES NOT matter. :)

Rules to be chosen:

·   must be following b-eachballs & flip-fl0ps-and-tank-t0ps, if you aren’t, you will not be chosen!


·   You cannot messaging us asking to let you in

·   choosing May 6th(:

We’ll be going through all the notes and hand picking, the more you reblog, the better your chances will be. Don’t delete the post off your blog until we’ve picked.


If you have any questions, feel free to message us(:

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